Everything You Need To Know About Colombian Coffee


Coffee beans are of different types. They grow in different geographical areas. If you love coffee, you may have a favorite or are still on the search for the best. You can also find a blend of different coffee beans worldwide. Colombian coffee has gained popularity for many people. If you are not sure you would like it, consider getting all the information about the product. Consider trying out the coffee so that you can also know why other people find the Colombian coffee best. Here is everything you should know about the Colombian coffee plant.


Coffee is a fruit plant, and you brew the seed. Tropical mountain ranges are the best environment for coffee plants to grow. The soil in Colombia is volcanic. Therefore, the coffee there is of the most reliable quality. Work begins when you have to transport the beans from Colombia to the different parts of the world. Colombian coffee grows in the best conditions in Colombia. You will be guaranteed of the best quality coffee beans when grown in the best environment.  View here for more information: ictcoffee.com.


Many people across the world attest to the great taste that Colombian coffee has. In Colombia, coffee is widely available at any time you wish. Colombia exports its coffee to different parts of the world and has gained popularity over the years. Colombia produces about 12% of the coffee in the globe. It is a small country yet provides a lot of coffee, which is not mass-produced either. Therefore, their coffee is handpicked by owners of the small coffee farms present.


Colombian coffee constitutes Arabica coffee beans. Arabica beans have a lighter and sweeter taste when you compare with Robusta coffee. Arabica beans have less caffeine and are more acidic. Many people prefer coffee with taste. Few countries grow Arabica coffee beans, and Colombia is among them. Therefore, your coffee will taste better when it is made up of Arabica coffee beans. Consequently, you will have the guarantee of a better taste compared to a cup made from Robusta beans.


In Colombia, coffee beans are picked from the farm using the cherry-picking technique. Most coffee growing countries use strip picking to harvest their coffee using machines in most cases. In Colombia, the cherries are handpicked. The person picking gets to pick the only ripened coffee beans and leaves those that are not. Therefore, ripe flavored coffee cherries will make the best coffee. Machines do not differentiate ripe and unripe cherries. Coffee pickers get to examine the coffee every ten days so that the ripe ones are picked. See more information here: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/do-you-know-the-secret-behind-your-coffee-beans_b_58e2c228e4b09dbd42f3d97e.